Dinosaur Office

Dinosaur Office

Craig in the first episode of Dinosaur Office

Dinosaur office

Craig is an orange Triceratops from Dinosaur Office . He easily gets worried. He is friends with Todd the green & yellow Apatosaurus who is another star of Dinosaur Office. Craig & Todd are the main characters of Dinosaur Office.


Craig appeared in all 23 episodes. Here they are:

Episode 1: Dinosaur Office

Episode 2: Computer Problems

Episode 3: Downsizing

Episode 4: Asteroid

Episode 5: Traffic

Episode 6: Office Romance

Episode 7: Volcano Drill

Episode 8: Viral Videos

Episode 9: Office Party

Episode 10: Guys Night Out

Episode 11: Bring your Child to Work Day

Episode 12: Elevator

Episode 13: Team Building

Episode 14: Sick Day

Episode 15: Coffee run

Episode 16: Gym

Episode 17: Byout

Episode 18: New Boss

Episode 19: The Presentation

Episode 20: Halloween Spooktacurawr

Episode 21: Thanksgiving

Episode 22: New Years Eve Party

Episode 23: Valentine's Day